Internacionalnih Brigada 48


Developed: 2018

The building is a residential facility with an emphasis on premium quality housing. It consists of ten residential units with flexible character and a range of structures – from one to five bedroom apartments. Loft apartments are designed as duplexes, with gallery as the second level.

Building construction in Internacionalnih Brigada Street 48 in Belgrade has implemented into reality the idea of a permeability contrast: the luminous and the dark, matte and shiny, light and shadow, while selection of materials embodies the latest global trends in architecture. High-quality, durable materials are implemented in black-and-white composition where storey casings are covered by white stone slabs, while window ramparts on the street facade are made of glossy black glass. In addition to the contrasting black and white elements, it is necessary to tone the third facade element. The compact plates that cover the ground floor and mezzanine casings in light brown wood also shape the window blinds on the upper floors, thus rendering a completely different dimension to pure architectural forms. Such a combination of materials has as its ultimate aim an additional augmentation of contrasting perception with an emphasis on the residential character of the facility as well as premium housing quality. On the other hand, the application of light brown wood facade elements has contributed to the forming of a more natural and warmer exterior appearance.

The building supports a contemporary design concept with dominating clear, straight-line elements that create pure architectural forms. Simplicity, high aesthetic and functional quality of the facade, as well as suitable ecological aspect tied in with an efficient performance have enabled the imaginary to become real.


Internacionalnih brigada 48