Brixwell Investment is a real estate development company based in Belgrade, which has been investing its capital in the most attractive locations in Vracar for the last 10 years. Brixwell Investment’s main occupations is design and construction of the most luxurious residential and commercial buildings in this part of the city.

The last achievement Brixwell Investment was with a beautiful modern architecture building in one of the most peaceful and beautiful streets in Belgrade, International Brigades 48 in Vracar. This project has been awarded the prestigious award in the Best Family Residential Development category by the CIJ Awards eminent group that deals with the awarding of prestigious awards in the field of construction investment in Southeastern Europe.

The Brixwell Investment Company is committed to provide to its potential customers superior living conditions in their facilities that are built with the highest quality materials.

The main guidelines defining Brixwell Investment’s architecture are elegance and sophistication, a commitment to selecting the finest materials with an emphasis on aesthetics and the functionality of a refined lifestyle. Brixwell Investment finds inexhaustible inspiration for the creation of all its facilities in the world of design creations around the world and is in constant search for new solutions and ideas that truly make these environments complete, different and perfect homes.


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Internacionalnih brigada 48